Hello readers at school all the year fours are doing a program called friends for life. You are probably wondering why I put a dot after every letter. That’s because it stands for something. This program helps you learn about friendship.

I will tell you more about it latter.


Leigh Hobbs

Today the year 2-4s got a chance to meet Leigh Hobbs who writes Old tom, Mr. Chicken and Mr. badger. He also taught us how to draw Old Tom  and Mr. Chicken.

Do you know Leigh Hobbs?

Do you have a Leigh Hobbs book?

Hope to see some questions and answers on my blog soon.

See you latter.

Day two

Today I went on a shopping trip.
I had to get up at 6:00am and got back at 6:00pm.
This is in Hong Kong.
In Australian time I woke up at 8:00am and got back at 8:00pm.
I bought a iPad case and beats by doctor dray.
Our Gide told us to bargain.
if you want to know how much it is in Australian you divide it by 7 and if you want to know how Much something Hong Kong is you times
It by seven for ex. 123 divided by seven is sixteen 83 times seven is 581.

Day one

Today I went to a museum of arts and just walked around getting to know our street.
Then we went to the pool.
We were at the pool for at least a hour.
For dinner we went to a Chinese place. I had Suckling Pig (Pork) for dinner it was good I rated today a 8/10
I had fun


Hello peoples
Today I am going to Hong Kong we will go to the airport soon!
Right now I am in Melbourne at our friends house.
The plane will be leaving at 2:20
And arriving at ten o’clock at night the time in Hong Kong is two hours behind. I will be writing more about my journey Maybe today or tomorrow.